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Kennys Liquid Screeding

Kennys liquid screed is perfect for underfloor heating. It allows the screed to totally encapsulate the heating pipe leaving no voids around the pipe. Thus giving a much better performance to the heating system than a dry conventional screed.

Kennys liquid screed can also be used at a lesser thickness than a conventional dry screed, ideal for when head height is restricted. (e.g Barn Conversions or Renovations)

Kennys liquid screed can be walked on the following day allowing other trades to resume work quickly!

Its also a very green product. The anhydrate we use is wasteproduct from flu gas powerstations. The sand we use is recycled aggregates and we recycle as much water as we can.

Underfloor heating (UFH)

We can now offer a design, supply and lay service for Underfloor Heating Systems. We can also just supply the UFH kit if required.

The systems we use are of the highest European quality. 

UFH pipes:
The pipes are multi layer Aluplas™ pipe constructed with a sandwiched layer of aluminium running between two layers of plastic, making it 100% oxygen impermeable. components and systems are manufactured and designed in accordance with all European & UK standards, including ISO9001 and DIN4726. 

UFH manifolds:
We use pan European manifolds which is manufactured in one piece from brass to ensure a long life without leakage or corrosion. The manifolds and isotherm are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards using a state of the art CNC manufacturing process, guaranteeing quality.

We can supply a wide range of thermostats from the very basic to RF and network control options.

General underfloor heating info:
UFH is the modern and efficient choice for heating domestic and commercial properties.

 Warm-water UFH systems use low temperature water that circulates through a series of continuous pipe loops laid under the floor, turning it into one large radiant surface. The pipe loops for each room all run from and back to the system manifold, which is conveniently located in one easily accessible position. 

UFH provides the warmth to a room from the floor up, rather than heating the ceiling space first like a radiator. 

Radiator heating (left) heats the ceiling first, but underfloor heating (right) is more efficient and heats the floor first. 

UFH systems use a lower water temperature than radiators, which means the boiler uses less fuel, which in turn means lower running costs and less environmental damage.

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