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Technical Specification

The material is used to comply with the requirements of the Code of Practice for flooring, BS8204: Part 1 and with catagories A, B and C of BS8203: 1987.

Flow (DIN 1060 test) 240-260mm
Plastic density 2060-2130 kg/cubic metre
BRE impact test less than 2mm
Flexural strength 4-6N/square mm
Drying shrinkage less than 0.02%
Time to light foot trafficking 1 to 2 days
*Drying time 1 day/mm
Dry density 1950-2050 kg/cubic metre
fire rating Non combustible
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.01 mm/mk
pH 11 - 12
Setting time not less than 3 hours

Please note: The above values are typical

*For normal thickness and at ambient temperature 20 degrees Centigrade, 60% humidity.